Herbs for rejuvenating facial skin and wrinkles around the eyes - nature's recipes!

Herbs for skin rejuvenation

For many centuries people have gained experience in herbal treatment. Phytotherapy also delivers excellent results in skin care. More and more women are doing without expensive cosmetics and are switching to homemade beauty products that are made with their own hands using only natural ingredients. Folk remedies from herbs against wrinkles are a great alternative to beauty treatments in salons and clinics.

medicinal properties of herbs

Herbal cosmetics contain most of the minerals, organic acids and other elements necessary for the full functioning of epithelial tissues.

Beauticians divided herbs into groups, taking into account the type of skin and skin problems. Over 2 thousand types of medicinal plants are known to traditional medicine, 20 items are used in medical household cosmetics, including:

  • Nettle, plantain, mint are more suitable for oily skin;
  • Thyme, oregano, calendula are best used by women with a dry surface;
  • Parsley, dandelion, celandine have bleaching properties;
  • soothe, relieve inflammation help oak bark, chamomile, calendula or string;
  • rosemary with sage eliminates wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead;
  • Linden, St. John's wort contribute to the narrowing of pores, tighten the epidermis, remove oily shine;
  • Reviews of seaweed for facial rejuvenation - seaweed, praise its unique effect on the skin.

Benefits of herbs for the skin

Herbs have a unique effect on the skin.They have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, nourishing and strengthening properties. Plants are true nutrient reservoirs. Their chemical composition includes all the components necessary for skin care, such as:

  • microelements. Protect the skin from harmful external influences, take part in all metabolic processes. Stimulates the development of natural elastin, which maintains skin elasticity.
  • vitamins. They take part in the processes of cellular metabolism, stimulate cell regeneration, nourish the dermis.
  • Essential Oils. Restore the skin, saturate it with oxygen, which slows down the aging process. They have an antioxidant effect.
  • peptides and amino acids. Activate the process of cell renewal and the production of your own collagen. Amino acids can penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and smooth even the deepest wrinkles.
  • tannins. Reduce swelling, regulate sebaceous glands. The astringent effect tightens sagging skin.
  • organic acids. Accelerate skin renewal, stimulate collagen production. They have a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.
  • alkaloids. Tone the skin.
  • glycosides. Clean and whiten skin effectively. Helps with hyperpigmentation.
  • flavonoids. strengthen blood vessels. Protects the skin from UV rays and free radicals.
  • phytoncides. The strongest source of resistance to infectious and inflammatory processes on the skin.

Benefits of medical cosmetics

The contribution of plants to skin rejuvenation is colossal. Many factors contribute to this:

  • naturalness, environmental friendliness of components;
  • deep effect of masks, decoctions;
  • Abundance, variety of plants allows you to choose the right recipe for each type;
  • slow down aging, intensively moisturize, give elasticity, healthy color, it is possible without fear for the health of the body, avoid irritation, inflammation;
  • Medicinal herbs, in contrast to cosmetic preparations with chemical components, are 100% absorbed by the cells

how to stay young

Wrinkles, pale complexion, sagging skin - it can all be frightening! And if the advertised funds don't help, then it becomes very sad. Maybe you are doing something wrong? Or have you forgotten that the general condition of the body affects appearance?

Youth lasts longer when:

  • refuse from bad habits;
  • sleep regularly;
  • often be in the fresh air;
  • EAT properly;
  • Get the vitamins you need.

There are various herbs for rejuvenating the body, rich in trace elements, vitamins and other useful compounds.


Especially important are plants that contain so-called antioxidants - vitamins C, E, A. They prevent cell aging and rejuvenate the body, reduce wrinkles.

When to use and contraindications

Herbs can be used to counteract deficiency symptoms:

  • inflammation, acne;
  • multiple age spots;
  • the formation of new wrinkles;
  • excessive dryness, peeling of the skin
  • allergic reactions, itching, redness;
  • swelling, blueness around the eyes;
  • oily sheen, dull color of the epidermis.

There are several contraindications to the use of herbal cosmetics:

  • individual allergy to the drug;
  • Diseases related to the circulatory system, oncology;
  • postoperative condition (presence of fresh wounds).


Chamomile contains many valuable vitamins, trace elements and organic acids for the body. All this together helps to rejuvenate, moisturize and brighten the facial skin, making it more elastic and supple. In cosmetology, the most effective result can be achieved using decoctions and infusions of chamomile.

  1. Decoction. To prepare the product, you need to pour dry chamomile flowers - 25 g - with a glass of warm boiled water and put in a water bath for half an hour. The finished broth must be filtered and, if necessary, diluted with boiled water. The product should be wiped with the skin of the face and décolleté. After application, wrinkles on the face are visibly reduced and smoothed.
  2. Infusion. To prepare an infusion of chamomile, you need to pour a tablespoon of the dried and crushed plant with a glass of boiling water and insist for half an hour. The finished product must be filtered and, as in the previous recipe, wipe the skin of the face with it.

Recipes that restore youth and beauty to the face

Cleansing, replenishing the water balance of the cells and helping tonic based on linden blossom. You need 2 tbsp. Flowers, pour 250 ml of boiling water, cover the container and strain after half an hour. Wipe the skin morning and evening.

Use 1 tsp to cleanse oily skin only. a herbal complex (calendula, cornflower, violet) and 1 tbsp. Chamomile pouring boiling water (0. 5 l). The next day, wipe the problem areas with a decoction. The tool removes impurities and refreshes the skin.

A mask of aloe juice and oatmeal will help get rid of wrinkles around the eyes. Mix the ingredients in a 2: 1 ratio, apply the mixture in a thin layer for 10 minutes. Remove the rest with a cotton pad.

Another proven version of the mask for rejuvenation is made from the slurry of nettle leaves, St. Collection per 0. 5 l of liquid. Let the product steep for about 3 hours, crush to a homogeneous consistency (if possible), then spread the mass onto cleansed skin. Wash off the residue after half an hour.

To restore a healthy glow, the elasticity of the epidermis will help a mask of peppermint and green tea (1 tablespoon of each component). Pour boiling water over the mixture for a while. Then drain the water (can be used as a tonic, ice base), put the herbs themselves on the surface. After 15 minutes remove the slurry.

If you still do not trust the rejuvenating power of herbs, we recommend reading our article about pharmacy face products, maybe the methods of traditional medicine will suit you better.

Herbs for facial wrinkles

The desired effect in the fight against the signs of aging can be achieved by daily washing with herbal infusions.

In addition, washing can achieve several results at once:

  • cleaning of sweat and sebum secretions, dust and dirt particles;
  • remove acne, relieve inflammation, narrow pores;
  • Tone the skin.

What you need to know about the preparation and use of tonic for washing:

  • prepare a product on water or alcohol: water tonic is stored no more than two days, alcohol - up to two weeks;
  • Use herbs: chamomile, sage, parsley, celandine; nettle, St. John's wort, green tea;
  • natural vegetable juices - aloe, citrus, cucumber;
  • Tonic does not need to be washed off;
  • Use the remedy daily in the evening and in the morning.

This is what you need to know when rejuvenating with herbs!

  • Some herbs are allergens. Before using any cosmetic product, carry out a trial test.
  • For cosmetic purposes, use plants that you buy in the pharmacy (quality is guaranteed) or collected in proven, environmentally friendly areas.
  • Study the features and characteristics of each component, they should be aimed at solving the problem depending on the type of surface.
  • Prepare decoctions for a maximum of 3 days, store mushy mixtures for no more than 2 days.
  • To achieve a greater effect, do not forget to include anti-aging foods in your daily diet, do massage and face gymnastics.
  • Washing with a decoction after an energy massage of the face contributes to the rapid saturation of cells with nutrients and activates processes, including the production of collagen and elastin fibers.
  • Cosmetic herbal ice effectively moisturizes and nourishes epithelial cells. Find out more about the preparation of ice cream recipes here.

application methods

Using herbs for the face yourself, you need to know how to do it so that their benefits do not turn into harm. There are different ways to use it:

  • It is best to use fresh plants that contain the maximum amount of nutrients.
  • You can squeeze the juice and use it for lotions on problematic areas of the face (pigment spots, acne).
  • dry raw materials are also useful, but not for masks, but for infusions and decoctions used to wash the face.
  • You can make cosmetic ice cream.
  • optional - pharmacy fees and phyto packs, which are very convenient to brew and use for cosmetic purposes;
  • Lotions and tonics can be made from decoctions and raw materials, alcohol (for oily skin) and water;
  • Creams - their recipes are the most complex, they usually turn out to be greasy and do not always lend themselves to home experiments, they are kept only up to 3-5 days;
  • The best option is to make herbal masks or porridge for lotions and applications.

When choosing herbs for the face, be guided by the individual characteristics of the skin and the cosmetic problem you need to solve.

A few useful tips on how to collect herbs and prepare face cosmetics from them will help you avoid mistakes and do everything right.

If you decide to use dried plants in your home laboratory and stock up on medicinal raw materials yourself, do it by all the rules, otherwise they make no sense, but they have a lot of side effects.

You can collect it in a field, in the forest, in a summer cottage, but far from the city, industrial zones, factories and highways. Dry - in a ventilated, dry room away from direct sunlight. It is necessary to constantly stir up the collected material and ensure that it does not become stale or moldy. Better to store in boxes or paper bags.

With all the virtues of medicinal plants, it is a matter of a concentrate of active substances that act on the skin in large quantities and can even harm it. An allergy to it is anything but rare, so before attempting such a therapeutic cleansing, be sure to check how your skin reacts to a particular brew.

Herbs are very useful for steaming the face before cleansing. Pour 1-2 cups of decoction into a basin (cup or steam bath) and dilute with a liter of boiling water. Next, bend your head (pin your hair first) over the container so as not to burn yourself with steam and put a terry towel on top.

It is advisable to use a fresh cosmetic product immediately after preparation within 1 day. Lotions and creams can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, liquids containing alcohol for up to 2 weeks. Dry plants in boxes and paper bags can be stored no more than 2 years. Close the lid, leave for half an hour, strain and get an infusion at the exit. 2. Put a container with steamed crushed water in a water bath, simmer for 10-15 minutes, leave under the lid for half an hour, strain. This is a decoction recipe. Instead of a water bath, you can simply put the healing liquid on fire, but reduce the cooking time to 5-7 minutes.

Herbal masks for problem skin can be done every other day, for oily (of oily sheen) - 2 times a week, for dry and sensitive - once a week. As a preventive measure - and even more rarely: once every 10 days. Lotions and applications, washing with decoctions and rubbing with lotions - twice a day, morning and evening. Herbal steam baths do not need to be taken too often. The best option is once every 7-10 days, depending on the degree of pollution on the face.

ground rules

If a man decides to fight the signs of aging at home, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the procedures.

Important nuances:

  • You need to adjust to the fact that cosmetics should be used systematically, and not from time to time. Do you doubt the need for a daily shave? So you can do beauty masks regularly. In addition, they do not have to be done every day, but only 1-2 times a week.
  • Masks should be made from fresh and quality products immediately before application. Below are simple recipes that anyone can use to prepare an effective anti-aging mask. Take seriously the observance of the specified proportions, otherwise the effectiveness of the procedure may be reduced;
  • You need to apply ready-made formulations to well-cleansed skin, that is, you must first wash, and then you can apply the prepared mixture.
  • Follow the mask exposure time recommendations given in the recipe. You shouldn't wash them off prematurely, but you shouldn't overdo it either;
  • rinse the compositions thoroughly. First wash with warm water, and when the composition is washed off the skin, you need to rinse your face with cool water.
  • Change masks regularly. The same prescription is not recommended for more than a month.

This does not allow the skin to get used to certain nutrients, which means that the effectiveness of the procedures is higher.

This is one of the main rules, the violation of which contributes not only to the appearance of wrinkles, but also to the aging of the organism as a whole. For a healthy diet, a man needs to follow few rules. First of all, do not eat flour products, white bread, pasta and your favorite potatoes. Second, eat more fruits and vegetables. Thirdly, it is necessary to replace semi-finished meat products (sausages, sausages) with natural meat or fish. Of course, you should not overeat, drink enough water.


Despite the fact that only natural products are used in folk recipes, such compositions can cause allergies. Therefore, do it before using a new compositionsimple exam. Rub a drop of the composition into the skin on the inside of the wrist and observe the skin's reaction. If there is no redness or irritation on the skin within a few hours, the composition can also be applied to the face.

Remember!It is necessary not to apply homemade masks if there are wounds on the face (for example, if you cut yourself shaving) or inflamed acne appears.

Recipes for homemade herbal face masks

The magic of natural formulas has been used to care for one's appearance for centuries. The great properties of flora allow you to create unique care formulas. For each type, it is easy to choose a remedy that will normalize intracellular processes.

Anti-wrinkle mask with aloe juice

For tired skin, this is the best way to eliminate signs of fatigue and restore skin elasticity. After a course of seven/ten sessions, the number and depth of wrinkles are reduced and collagen synthesis is improved.


  • 15 ml aloe juice;
  • 5 ml peach oil;
  • 5 drops of glycerin.

Method of preparation and use: Combine viscous juice filtered through gauze with oil and glycerin. Clean the face, apply along the massage lines, wipe the face with a damp disc after an hour.

Acne and inflammation mask with wormwood

Herbal folk recipes are useful to restore problematic and oily skin.Organic cosmetics can relieve and relieve irritation, accelerate the healing process of abscesses. Wormwood has an antiseptic effect, stops the spread of infection and prevents the formation of abscesses.


  • 35 ml wormwood infusion;
  • 10 gr. chickpea flour;
  • 5 drops of vitamin B5.

Preparation and method of application: Pour the leaves with hot water and leave under the lid for at least half an hour. After straining, mix the liquid with flour, pour in vitamin drops. Steam the face with a compress, then spread the cosmetic mass, rinse off as usual after 15 minutes.

Mask for blackheads and blemishes

Medicinal herbs perfectly clean clogged ducts, remove toxins and oxidants, as well as clogs of sebaceous glands. After application, the skin becomes lighter, the structure improves. It makes sense to do the healing procedure once a week to get the result.


  • 5 gr. plantain;
  • 5 gr. coltsfoot;
  • 10 ml of kefir.

Preparation and method of application: Rinse fresh leaves, pass through a meat grinder, add sour milk to the green gruel. Hold your face over the steam for about five minutes, then spread the mixture. The action lasts fifteen to twenty minutes, rinse with cold water.

Did you know that ginseng is an excellent treatment for acne and acne, we wrote more about it here: . The well-known tar soap also cleans and regenerates the facial skin. The mask with gelatin has toning, smoothing, softening and brightening properties, recipes can be found on this page.

Mask against age spots and freckles with dandelion

To get rid of uneven pigmentation, freckles and improve the complexion, it is worth using proven recipes. Plant components allow you to remove the upper layers of the epidermis without damaging the renewed tissue. As a result, after several procedures, the tone becomes even, the distribution of melanin normalizes.


  • 10 ml dandelion juice;
  • 5 gr. rice starch;
  • 15 gr. yoghurt.

Preparation and method of application: squeeze the juice from the stems and leaves, mix with the components, spread on the pigmented areas, except for the eyelids and the triangle near the lips. Hold for six/eight minutes.

Nourishing mask for dry skin with chamomile

Get rid of peeling and dryness, give the skin a refreshed look Natural herbal cosmetics. The regenerating properties of chamomile help restore cell structure and saturate it with beneficial elements. It is recommended to use the product in the off-season, as well as in unfavorable environmental conditions.


  • 10 gr. chamomile;
  • 10 gr. persimmons;
  • 5 gr. palm oil.

Preparation and method of application: pound healing inflorescences together with persimmon in a mortar, add melted butter. Divide the mixture between the lids and leave to rest for about 30 minutes.

Recipe for sensitive skin

With your own hands, you can soothe irritated areas of the skin, prone to redness and allergic reactions. Natural mask removes toxins, improves immune performance. The application helps restore pH balance and provides oxygen respiration.


  • 20 ml infusion of a string;
  • 10 gr. clay;
  • 10 drops of vitamin B2.

Preparation and method of application: brew a string and leave for about an hour, then mix with blue or white clay, add a vitamin solution. Wipe the face with mineral water, spread the finished product along the lines of lymph flow. Wash off after ten/twelve minutes.

Recipe for aging skin

You can refresh and rejuvenate sagging, fading skin by resorting to natural cosmetics. Saturate the skins with vitamins and minerals, simply activate elastin synthesis yourself. A noticeable lifting effect occurs after a course of eight sessions.


  • 10 gr. sage;
  • Egg yolk;
  • 10 gr. cottage cheese.

Preparation and use: Slightly pour boiling water over sage, then knead intensively in a mortar, add cottage cheese and egg yolk. Apply to face from bottom to top with a spatula and leave on for 25 minutes. Then remove with a dampened sponge.

Recipe for problem skin

Cleans deep into the pores, eliminates blackheads, refreshes the colour. The care procedure allows you to normalize intracellular processes, eliminate puffiness and signs of fatigue. The procedure is also effective for the age-related dermis, reducing the number of wrinkles and tightening the contour of the oval.


  • 10 ml rowan juice;
  • 10 gr. Moroccan clay;
  • 15 drops of avocado oil

Production and method of application: Add red powder and nourishing oil to the pressed berry juice. Distribute the plastic mass evenly, leave on for 15/18 minutes, rinse as usual.

Moisturizing mask with honey and herbs

Useful herbs in honey recipes have a tonic effect. The vessels of the face are strengthened, saturation with active elements and oxygen occurs. Expression lines are smoothed, peeling and dryness disappear.


  • a sprig of rosemary;
  • 5 gr. thyme;
  • 10 gr. honey;
  • 5 gr. coconut oil.

Preparation and use: Crush rosemary with thyme in a mortar, add liquid honey and nut oil. Apply a generous layer to the steamed area, rinse off as usual after twelve minutes.

Herbal mask recipes you can make at home

There are no restrictions on the use of fresh or dried herbs, the main thing is their purity and suitability for a specific skin type. This is even more important than the benefits of this or that herb because if the herbal blend is selected according to the recipe for your skin type, it will provide benefits and healing. Otherwise it can even hurt. Recipes for herbal masks:

  • Wormwood cleansing mask: Boil a couple of spoonfuls of oatmeal in milk and mix it with a couple of spoonfuls of wormwood decoction and add a spoonful of lemon pulp.
  • Softening chamomile: Beat an egg in a blender with two tablespoons of chamomile flowers and low-fat kefir, you can also use a decoction of chamomile for the face in the form of ice cubes.
  • Protection from St. John's wort: from fresh, just picked leaves of St. John's wort and nettle, take a spoonful of crushed leaves, add two tablespoons of homemade fat sour cream and half a spoonful of lemon juice.
  • Plantain Cure: Finely grind a few large leaves of green fresh plantains and add equal amount of cornmeal diluted with a spoonful of water to a creamy state.
  • Therapeutic from Aloe: Mix one spoonful of just-squeezed aloe juice with two tablespoons of ground oatmeal.
  • Mint refreshment: Finely chop and grind mint and dandelion leaves (fresh) in equal volume in a mortar, then beat in a blender with a chicken egg and a teaspoon of honey for 15 seconds.

Almost all herbal masks bring healing effects to the skin of the face and body. The main condition for effectiveness is systematic intake and non-violation of the course until it is fully completed. However, a preliminary consultation of a cosmetologist on the combination of several types of herbs for your skin type will not be superfluous.